Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Do I need more than one basic set in order to
make a dungeon?

Answer: That really depends upon your playing style. A single set is capable of
building a small two or three room dungeon. If you need a larger dungeon and don't
mind disassembling and re-using the pieces as your group progresses then you can
generally get along with just one set.

Keep in mind though that you always have the option to expand your collection to allow
you to create truly epic encounters.

Question: Just how durable are the Dungeonstone models?

Answer: We make our models from a resin and carbon infused, diestone composite material which
has a compression strength of over 17,000 pounds per square inch which makes them
very solid and suitable for literally years of use.

With that being said, our models are not indestructible and can be chipped or broken
if severely abused or dropped onto hard surfaces so we generally recommend our models
only be handled by teens and adults.

Question: I already own some Dwarven Forge pieces. Can I mix and
match Dungeonstone models with them?

Answer: We have developed our models to use the same 1"= 5 foot scale that is used by other
companies like Dwarven Forge. As such, our models will work interchangeably with most of
their pieces.

There is one significant difference between our models and theirs. The walls on our corridor
pieces are about one half inch shorter than theirs. We feel that this design is an improvement
over the DF line as it allows for better visibility and access to miniatures.

However, as larger areas do not have the same issues with access and visibility, the walls
for our room models are essentially the same height of the room pieces in the DF line.

Question: I like the look of my Dungeonstone set and
don't want to paint it but I would like to add some protection from
spills or stains. What is the best way to seal the models?

Answer: Our Basic set should stand up to normal wear and tear for years however it is porous
and can be unintentionally stained if something were to be spilled on it. If you wish to
protect your basic set without painting it then the best method for sealing the models is to:

1) Brush the models thoroughly in order to remove any dust or debris.

2) Apply one or two coats of matte finish clear coat to the models.

This should seal them from unwanted spills or stains while retaining the natural look of the
unpainted stone.

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